Oscar: The Gangster Comedy from 1991



Something interesting has been happening on the movie channels lately, most of the films have been from the 90s or early 2000s. I’ve watched a few of them, as they all are ones I loved or either forgot about. Oscar ,however, falls into both of those categories. 

I remember watching it when I was little, like 9 or 10, before I started my decent down the film snob road. I remembered a very few thoughts I held from the original viewing: I thought it was weird that Rambo/Rocky was in a comedy, Marissa Tomei was adorable yet annoying, TIM CURRY, and knowing there was a boyfriend mixup. To be honest, there’s not much more to it than that upon the reviewing.

This exercise is entertaining. It makes you address your previous opinions, and allows you to adjust if needed, but also by being honest about who you were and who you are. You are also aware of how much knowledge of the world then and now compares to the impact/importance/issues the film has. For example, looking back at the film In & Out, you realize how revolutionary it was, especially when we are, 20 year later, fighting for the same outcome of equality. 

I think we can learn a lot about our selves when we are honest about our past. There’s nothing wrong with realizing that the movies we loved then don’t hold up, and there is nothing wrong if they do. I still love Oscar, it’s still cheesy and entertaining.


  1. Such a classic gangsta opening.The clothes, the cars, the entourage.
  2. If it wasn’t Sly, it would have been a great opening, the boss man coming out of the car. I mean, it’s Rocky/Rambo, I can’t see gangsta.
  3. Don Ameche! 
  4. Holy shit, that’s Kirk Douglas!
  5. Did they realize this was a comedy? Was this supposed to be a comedy?
  6. They had to have known. I kind of love it though. I love when serious goes funny, but only if it’s done right. 
  7. And so far, it’s pretty right on.
  8. Full discloser, I haven’t seen this since I was like 10. I knew it was cheesy then, but I loved it. I can’t WAIT to see what I think about it now.
  9. Wow, that’s an obvious Hollywood set, but sure.
  10. Exposition and Stereotype in the first two scenes, right on.
  11. His name is Provolone, like the cheese?
  12. I wish I had the balls to ask for that big of a raise.
  13. You know, Sly’s not too bad in this movie so far. A bit over the top, but it works.
  14. I can’t get over how massive this house is. 
  15. I Love Marisa Tomei!
  16. Ugh, I want that library!
  17. I forgot how the gun gag continues throughout The Whole Film.
  18. Wait, did Chazz Palminteri do this movie and go straight into Usual Suspects?
  19. Haha, the weapons gag. That was pretty funny.
  20. That’s right…., the big house works with the vaudeville gag about multiple rooms and confusion.
  21. Is that Isabella Rossellini? Nope, it’s Ornella Muti.
  22. Mama Provolone has a beautiful necklace on! I’m also digging the olive and peach color match.
  23. TIM CURRY!!!!!!
  24. Oh my goodness….Lisa’s dress is beautiful!
  25. I love Marissa Tomei.
  26. Ah, I miss Tim Curry.
  27. Okay, this second act is wearing thin.The suitcase gag is not strong enough to last 20 minutes.
  28. Update: Palminteri has a few movies between Oscar and Usual Suspects.
  29. I’m so bad, I always look up IMDb when I watch movies on home. 
  30. I didn’t know John Landis directed this movie, ha, explains a lot.
  31. The best part of this movie is watching it with Mom, she’s giggling.
  32. After a slow second act, the third act is going by super fast.
  33. Did they do a double wedding at the house? That’s weird, but saves on location.
  34. The end.
  35. Yep, this was just as cheesy as I remember. Not in a bad way, it was a fun watch.