Star-crossed lovers is a tale as old as time. Two people from different warring backgrounds find each other and fall in love. Most of the time their love transcends the conflict, forming an unbreakable bond. For Vincent and Roxxy, their journey into this realm is unbeknownst to them, one in which the role of hero and savior become blurred.

Vincent N Roxxy is a film about finding love in extraordinary places when a chance meeting allows Vincent to be the knight in shining armor by rescuing Roxxy from an attack. In a twist of fate, they end up rescuing each other. Their chance meeting continues when they end up at the same secluded house, where they seem to find solace with Vincent’s family, but both of their pasts begin to catch up to them. 

What’s interesting about this movie is the way in which the audience is witnessing what is unfolding. There is no question that this is a crime thriller, but half way through the film you forget. You get caught up in the characters you are intrigued to see what life has in store for them. One of the main reasons the audience can dive into the story is by the way it is shot.

Image provided by Vertical Entertainment

Image provided by Vertical Entertainment

The cinematography has a voyeuristic element to it’s aesthetic. It’s as if we are able to see the real life of these characters, as if no one truly is watching them and they can be as free as they want to be. Some of the shots are intimate, close angles with the leads filing the frame, but it never feels forced or uncomfortable. These characters are whole, there is something mysterious about them, yet you appreciate their exposed honesty. 

Along with Vincent (Emile Hirsch) and Roxxy (Zoe Kravitz), Vincent’s brother JC (Emory Cohen), and his girlfriend Kate (Zoey Deutch), form a comfortable life at the family farm. There is a bit of estragement between the brothers, and while we are eluded to a difficult past, the love that they feel for each other is on the surface. Kate, too, has a large heart, and welcomes Roxxy with open arms no matter what the circumstances were that brought them together.

These are genuine people. They have their quirks, but they are a family. For me, JC was fascinating. From the moment we are introduced to him he seems to play with the perception one has on the troubled younger brother. Sure, there are plenty of references, and even a break down, in which we are presented a glimpse at what was in the past, but the important thing that remains is that these events are in the past. JC has worked, and it’s visible, to change the person he was to become a better one, to be someone Kate deserves. 

To be able to piece this character trait together with limited information is magical. The script itself for this character relies a lot on the meanings in between the words, and Cohen does a masterful job at bringing those to life. I have not seen many films with him in it, but he will be one that I will from now on be keeping an eye out for.

JC isn’t the only character who plays with initial judgement of character. From their first meeting, Roxxy was saved by Vincent, the girl in trouble with a big bad and an honorable boy who came to save her. This may be true on the surface, but there are a lot of things just off to the side that were beginning to bubble over. Through the course of the film, you learn a little more of each of their backstories, and you wonder how true those initial traits are accurate. We see Roxxy’s vulnerability, we see Vincent’s anger, and we see both of them afraid of the other. It’s a delicate balance of opposites that end up attracting in an unexpected way.

Image provided by Vertical Entertainment

Image provided by Vertical Entertainment

As mentioned before, there is a bigger thing at work within the story, and it’s never forgotten about. There are hints and elements that push the story along, but it’s not the focus. The characters are the ones that drive this film, and the plot follows suit in tandem. 

To be honest, there is nothing spectacular about these characters, but the audience is drawn into them by the force that is their personality. They are real, and you can relate to their struggles and their focus to make a better life for themselves. You witness them enjoy the life that they have, finding joy in the little things that make their situations their own. It wasn’t until the very end that I remembered there was a bigger plot closing in on them, and I was sad to see it come to a resolution.

The resolution, it takes you for a ride. It’s big and bold, but never strays away from the heart of the film or her characters. Vincent N Roxxy is a journey through circumstances and situations, allowing the story to unfold as if the characters on screen are dictating it as they go. It’s fluid and cohesive, allowing for the audience to get lost in the world being created on screen. In short, it’s just a really great movie with really great actors.

Vincent N Roxxy  is now in theaters and on VOD


Written by Lisa Mejia
Images provided by Vertical Entertainment