Image provided by Prodigy PR

Image provided by Prodigy PR

Every fall the film world get bombarded with horror and suspense films. There are films that begin their annual rotation on our television screens, and others we desire to watch in the hopes of adding to that collection. In other words, fall is the time for horror films.

Blood Trap is a new horror film written and directed by Alberto Sciamma. The film centers on six criminals who are after a ransom, but end up locked in a mansion with a woman who ends up being more than they can handle. The question moves from how much money can they get for the kidnapping, to can they last through the day.

Let’s not kid ourselves or hide behind vague descriptions, this is a vampire film. It is a bad vampire film at that. However, this film is exactly what it’s supposed to be and still entertaining to watch. It seems that we as filmmakers have found a tranquility in making the films we want to make no matter what, there are no powers that be that can totally dictate the type of movie one can make. This freedom has lead to some interesting films, Blood Trap being one of them.

This film concept is not new, men fighting to stay alive against a powerful female vampire, but the puzzle pieces that make this film definitely are. Just when you think vampire films almost 100 years after Nosferatu can’t surprise you, you are amused to the highest degree. It’s almost as if circumstances where just thrown at the wall and whichever one stuck the longest was added to the film. Even in it’s ridiculousness of inclusion, you aren't bored by what you’re watching.

It has all the glorious elements that traditionally make up a bad film: blood and gore, sex, violence, beautiful people. You know, I take that back, it’s not a bad film, it’s a future cult classic. Blood Trap is the perfect escapist film, one in which the audience can bask in the light of it’s obscurity. We’ve seen the mind melting horror films, we have the classics that we hold dear to our hearts, its time we find the fun ones that make us smile.

Just in time for Halloween parties and horror movies marathons, Blood Trap needs to be on every October movie list.
Blood Trap is now available on Vimeo.


Written by Lisa Mejia
Images provided by Prodigy Public Relations