I have some very talented friends, in a wide range of artistic ventures. When they surprise you with their projects, ones you didn't know were on the horizon, you are more often than not blown away by their creativity. That's exactly how I felt when Gold Drips, a band comprised of Luke Fowler and Jared Marshal, showed me their new video for "Do You Love."

Music videos are a dying art in our current cultural climate, but when you see something as mesmerizing at this video you have hope for the future. The video is simple and perfectly timed to the beat of the song in question. It content was inspired by the music, and it's apparent that nothing matter more than the music, which is what videos are supposed to be. High concept productions have no meaning when it's done for effect only, and "Do You Love" doesn't need anything extra. The warm gold color and the artistic movements with angles and technique add a energy to the song itself you can't imagine them existing in different realms.

These are the videos I prefer. Ones that interpret the music into a different art form (from audio to visual) without mapping out an exact replication of what the song means to the artists. All art is subjective, and it's more meaningful when we can decide for ourselves what it means to us. I enjoyed this video, and look forward to their next one.



Premiering a new psychedelic/synth band called GOLD DRIPS and their new music video “Do You Love”. Their sound combines groove music, pulling from neo-soul and modern R&B, and utilizes the best analog and current digital synthesizers to create their psychedelic sound-world.  The band consists of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Luke Fowler and producer/multi-instrumentalist/composer Jared Marshall. This song can be seen as a love ballad to the self.  Exploring within and following what you love to do.  GOLD DRIPS plans to release one song at a time paired with a music video while they work on a debut album. 

Song written and performed by Luke Fowler, Jared Marshall
Mastered by Jared Marshall
Produced by Jared Marshall


Written by Lisa Mejia