Reality shows are everywhere. If you throw a rock at a television schedule you’re bound to hit a handful of them. However, with this growing trend of shows covering a plethora of topics, there is also another trend starting right on it’s heels: the comedy version of those same reality shows. We saw it Ken Marino’s Burning Love, and now from the brilliant mind of Kulap Vilaysack comes’s newest show this spring Bajillion Dollar Propertie$.

This half hour show takes a humorous look at fictional real estate agents as they try to sell ridiculously over priced mansions from some of Hollywood’s elite. To make the show ever more interesting, they are also competing to win a spot to become partner of the firm alongside Dean Rosedragon (Paul F. Tompkins).

There are already major key words that should have you watching this show, but if you need more of an excuse, here is the rest of the cast: Dan Ahdoot as Amir Yaghoob, Tim Baltz as Glenn Bouchard, Ryan Gaul and Drew Tarver as duo Andrew Wright and Baxter Reynolds (respectfully), Mandell Maughan as Victoria King, and Tawny Newsome as Chelsea Leight-Leigh. They each have their distinctive over the top personas that add subtle humor to every scene they are in.

As necessary for any reality show, each episode is full of backstabbing and conspiracy. Each of the agents will stop at nothing to become the chosen partner, and the outcome is beyond hilarious. Shows like these poke fun at all that is wrong with the world in a hilarious and truthful manner. We are attracted to these shows for a reason, and when you acknowledge the ridiculousness of the reality, the comedy comes out perfect.

To add even more enjoyment to each episode are the cameos and special guest stars. The amazing cast and crew beyond this show (not only Vilaysack but executive producer Scott Aukerman) has some talented friends, and they all make their way into the show. Aukerman has provided an outlet for obscure characters on his podcast and IC show Comedy Bang Bang, and this is just an extension of that freedom to create. 

While there may not be the open door policy on Bajillion, Vilaysack’s talent for writing for these brilliant comedians is flawless. These comedians/improvisors are so good at their job that they can take the script from Vilaysack and create an uncompromising reality of these characters. The bond between acting and writing is seamless, and the show is entirely too much fun to be real.

We have witnessed (and I have covered) the growing community of intriguing shows that have appeared online during this revolution, and Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is no exception. If you are familiar with any of the names listed above, you won’t be disappointed. This comedy show is exactly what the audience needs, a dose of engaging reality with boisterous comedy. 

The first season of Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ is currently online at

Written by Lisa Mejia