For several years, there has been this creative energy floating around my world. At different points throughout this time, the projects involved were discussed and sometimes even observed in it’s raw form. This was an enjoyable experience, but added to the anticipation, and the frustration that the finished product wasn’t in my hands. Finally, on July 1st 2016, elation was achieved thanks to producers David Messier and Andre Cantave at SameSky Productions, for Patrick Husband released his first solo album Simple House.

Husband is not new to the music scene, for he was the lead singer of two beloved Austin bands, A Pocketful of Deng and SuperLiteBike. Their domination in the hearts of their fans may have only lasted a few years for each incarnation, but the music that was produced was highly absorbing. Husband’s voice is one of marvel, with an ability to transcend genres and ranges that baffle listeners.

Simple House is the best use of his vocal talents. Each song is unique and showcases a range most albums lack. They are all entertaining and promote the listener to get up and move. The overall theme of the album, however, may be harder to find. There are albums out there that are experiences, with each song leading into another with an overall feeling of unity. Those are masterful works of art, but that wasn’t the point with this solo album.

What this album definitely is, however, is one hell of a good time. Each person who listens to it will enjoy a different song, allowing for multiple listenings in a row as the group tries to decide on their favorite. For each mood that you may be dealing with on any given day, you will have a rally song to cling to. The variety is not only the great thing about this album, but it is also what makes it an exciting product.

This album is an exploration of the creativity that lives within Husband every waking moment and is a chance for him to share it with the world. As each song plays, you can sense a piece of his soul, a glimpse of who he really is. Art, after all, is an expression of our true selves, and Simple House is that window into who Husband expansive mind.

I’m privileged to consider him a dear friend, someone who has played a big role in my life for the past 15 years. I was at the very first A Pocketful of Deng show, at the international competition they played in 2006, had a first row seat to the formation of SuperLiteBike, the final show of that union, and have followed his journey to become a solo artist. Simple House isn’t just a new album of music created by a buddy of mine, it’s an auditory example of the evolution of a fellow creative.

This might be a good time to fully disclose my bias when it comes to my love for this new album. Yet, at the same time, it’s an explanation on why I can look beyond the tracks to the heart of what has been released. In a time when many musical releases have memorable hooks but nothing else, Husband’s first album proves that musical talent is still alive and well in our society.

That’s not to say that everyone is going to love this album, as much as I want them to, this won’t transcend solidified genres. A die hard country fan may not appreciate the album, but this isn’t about appeasing the masses. In keeping with who Patrick Husband is as a musician, he was able to create songs that mattered to him. He created music with substance and meaning, and it doesn’t matter if anyone else can understand that. For me, that’s what’s important.

In coordination with the release of Simple House, the video for the single “If You Want It” directed by Marty Robbins and Jonathan Hortsmann of Rabid Robot is a visual representation of the inner workings of someone’s creative centers in their mind. If we are allowed to sit and breath, we can explore endless journeys of our own making.

The artwork is spectacular, Hortsmann held nothing back. There is an ungodly amount of frames that were used for this video, but each one is constructed with regard for the overall vision. A straight line has no less meaning than a full city block, mimicking the importance that every note has in the song. The artistry performed in the video along with Robbins’ interpretation of the music (and the artist himself) made for a video that means something.

Personally, I’m a fan of videos that use the music as a spring board, that a piece of art is created out of another. It’s the perfect blending of two artistic mediums. Each element on its own is something to marvel at, but combined become a piece of art that leaves audiences awestruck. “If You Want It” wasn’t flashy or over the top, it’s just brilliant. Rabid Robot and Husband work off each other in a way that produces an outcome of ease, I hope they continue to work together, I want to see what else they can create together.

There are big things in the works for Husband and Simple House, which includes live shows. Being a solo artist, piecing together the musicians he would be playing with will be an interesting project, but fear not, the ones who do come together will be the best of the best. Hopefully this will come together sooner than later, because after about a week of listening (non-stop) to the album you’re going to want to see Husband explode on stage.

After much anticipation, Patrick Husband has finally released his first solo album, Simple House. Each song is its own version of spectacular, showcasing fully the talent that resides in Husband.

SameSky Production

You can purchase the album on the website or iTunes.

Written by Lisa Mejia
Photos provided by Patrick Husband