I am a writer. I am a filmmaker. I am a film fan.

The Entertainment Section is a place where all three of those dominate loves come together in an exploration of creativity. I got my start as a writer/Film Section editor for the amazing online magazine, Austin Fusion Magazine. I am expanding the journalistic path that began with AFM and branching out on my own as an independent writer. 

The Interviews will be with talented creative people to find out about the passion that brought them to their current career. The conversations will focus on their current projects, as well as their paths in the industry. These will not be your basic entertainment journalist posts, as I like to take a deeper look into the projects and their creators.

The Reviews will focus on what makes a project work or not work. I will take an in-depth look at all the creative elements that go into making a film, music video, album, etc. It takes a lot of essential parts to make a project, and the process is not easy, so the reviews will never focus on the negative. It's important to remember that this is just one person's opinion, and should not influence a general response, instead they should start a conversation.

Being a film fan and writer, my Op-Eds (opinion editorials) will be essays on elements that I find interesting. The entertainment industry has changed over its marvelous history, and I find that fascinating.

Lastly, I am a filmmaker and writer. The Production Blog will be my way to talk about my experiences as my journey into my career begins. 

Above it all, these writings will be taken from a place of a Film Fan and Filmmaker.